Old Port - Vieux Port

Marseille France Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The Old Port of Marseille (Le Vieux Port) has been the heart of the city since the Greek-Phoenicians arrived back in 600 BC.

Today, the area around the Old Port is a magnet for tourists, fishermen, yachters and locals.

Many of the city's top tourist attractions are located in the immediate area.

Marseille Old Port - Vieux Port
Old Port in Marseille France (Le Vieux Port)

The harbour at the Old Port  is rectangular in shape and stretches from north (city centre) to south (outlet to the Mediterranean Sea).

Marseille's 1st Arrondissement encompasses Marseille's city centre.

The 2nd Arrondissement (seen in the picture above) is located west of the harbor. The 7th Arrondissement is east of the harbour.

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