Marseille Arrondissement 7

Marseille France Tourist Information and Travel Guide

Marseille Arrondissement 7 is the picturesque district situated southeast of the city centre, along the Mediterranean coast.

This arrondissement includes the districts of Bompard, Endoume, Les Iles, Le Pharo, Le Roucas Blanc, Saint-Lambert and Saint-Victor.

Frequent bus service operates along the seaside to Marseille's city centre (Old Port).

Marseille Arrondissement 7
Septieme Arrondissement, Marseille France

Tourist attractions and city landmarks in Arrondissement 7 of Marseille France include:

Chateau d'If (Chateau on the Island of If)

Isles du Frioul (Frioul Islands)

L'Abbaye de Saint-Victor (St. Victor Abbey)

La Corniche President Kennedy (seaside road)

Le Fort Saint-Nicolas (Fort Saint Nicolas)

Le Palais du Pharo (Palace)

Le Théâtre National de Marseille (National Theatre of Marseille)

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