Iles du Frioul

Marseille France Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The four picturesque island located off the coast of Marseille France are called the Frioul Islands (Isle du Fioul).

These environmentally fragile islands are home to interesting vegetation and birds and are a popular tourist destination.

The Frioul Islands feature a series of hiking trails, some great seaside restaurants and panoramic views of the Marseille and the Mediterranean coast.

Iles du Frioul - Islands off the coast of Marseille France
Iles du Frioul, Marseille France

The four islands in the chain are:

  1. Promegues
  2. Ratonneau
  3. If (location of the Chateau d'If)
  4. Tiboulen

Frequent boat service operate between the Frioul islands and Marseille's Old Port.  The Iles du Frioul are officially part of Marseille's 7th Arrondissement.

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